Nuances de couleurs

9. April - 4. July 2022
Le Couvent de Treigny, Céramique Contemporaine. Association de Potiers Créateurs de Puisaye.
Sophie Brunies, Xavier Duroselle, Charles Hair, Job Heycamp, Yuko Kuramatsu, Pascal Lacroix, Édith Luthier, Sophie MacKeith, Benoît Pouplard, Mia Refslund-Jensen, Beate Rönnefarth, Elke Sada, Lluís Soler & Núria Albà, Marie-Lucie Trinqund et Émilie Vanhaecke.

Spinnerei Rundgang Spring 2022

30. April - 1. May 2022
I welcome you in my temporary painting studio to see my new paintings, Halle 14, floor 3, Cottonfactory Leipzig.

36 Vases Parade

8. Mai - 2. Juli 2022
Galerie Terra Delft, Delft.
Gruppenshow with cataloque for the anniversary of 36 years of the Galerie.
Felicity Aylieff (GB) / Peter F. Beard (GB) / Daphne Corregan (FR) / Wouter Dam (NL) / Pippin Drysdale (AUS) / Ken Eastman (GB) / Babs Haenen (NL) / JP Hol (UK-NL) / Wan Liya (CHN) / Elke Sada (DE) / Bouke de Vries (GB)

Dießen Pottery Market at Lake Ammer

26. - 29. May 2022
Markt Dießen.
More than 150 European potters and ceramic artists show their work at the park at the lake. It is Europe&apos:s biggest ceramic festival with many additional Exhibitions, including: Kulturforum Blaues Haus, Traidtkasten and Taubenturm at the Marienmünster in Dießen am Ammersee.


Dais Contemporary - 54 ink drawings for Sanders Hotel Copenhagen
Perpetuum Mobile - Drawings & Video, Caylus und Leipzig